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Below we will be discussing how you can make a perfect highlight tape that will stand out to college coaches! I hope this can help. 

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There are 4 things you must consider/do when making a highlight tape to have it stand out to a college coach.

1)- This one is easy, put your best plays first. Do not spread them out. Your best/most explosive plays should be within the first minute of your highlight tape. Likely, that’s all a college coach will watch anyways. He usually has his mind made up after the first 3 plays if you are a player who can play at his program. So these plays don’t have to be touchdowns, they just need to be explosive. 

2)- Highlight yourself unless you are a QB. College coaches know where to find a QB, but if you play any other position- you should do a quick highlight of yourself (AKA drawing a circle- there is a tool you can use on hudl for this) before the play starts. Just so a college coach knows where to look.

3)- Have an appropriate cover page/ appropriate music. By cover page I mean the page before your highlights start that shows your name. Don’t have a nickname. Include your legal name, graduating class, school and position. Then as far as music goes, choose an instrumental song with no lyrics or choose one of the stock audio songs that Hudl offers on their website. Don’t put a song with inappropriate lyrics. Will be a huge turn off for a college coach.

4)- Keep it short and sweet. Highlights don’t need to be longer than 3 minutes. A college coach, like I said earlier, will probably only watch one minute. Just because you scored or got a reception doesn’t make the play a highlight. Highlights are explosive plays that coaches don’t expect you to make. That’s what you want to include for the first 3 minutes. I’d rather have a minute long tape of explosive plays than 7 minutes of average plays. And so would a college coach. 

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