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How To Make Faster Reads

How you can make faster reads is by doing these 3 things. Tying your feet to your eyes, going through mental reps, and doing flash cards every night. 1) Tying your feet to your eyes. Wherever your eyes go, your feet follow. Let’s say your working a curl flat concept. Curl is covered, don’t throw to the flat with your feet still at the curl. Re-set your feet to the flat. Tie your feet to your eyes. You should pretend a string is attached to the two all the way down your body. 2) Mental reps. You should work your drops in either your back yard or after practice and visualize the plays and the progressions you should make. Work your footwork, the different coverage scenarios in your head and perform reps upon reps. Don’t just do it once, go through every possible progression and visualize the play. You visualize the play so when the situation actually happens you’re not surprised. You have seen it before. 3) Flash Cards. Write the play and all of the reads on one side and the name on the other. Get a white board or a sheet of paper and draw each one out. Talk it out. Say what the read is, what each coverage read is and what your footwork should be. That’s how you make faster reads. If you do those 3 things your game will improve on the field and mentally.

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