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How To Pass The “Eye Test”

A common term thrown around in the college football recruiting world is the “eye test”. Does a recruit pass it or does he not pass it? Below I will be explaining what the eye test is, and how recruits can pass the eye test in more than one way. I hope this helps. 

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So the eye test is pretty much what a college coach thinks of a recruit at first glance. Whether that is meeting him in person, seeing him practice live with his own eyes or seeing his film. The three main categories that go into this “test” are height, size and speed. If you are tall, strong and fast you pretty much pass the eye test. No matter what position you play. Does this guarantee that you will play college football? HELL NO. It’s just attributes- now my version of the eye test might be a little different than the recruiting experts but it’s 100% true.

How you can pass the eye test to any college coach is with your VARSITY FILM. You can be 6’8 300+ LBs but not be able to block the air- a college coach will pass on you. If you’re maybe 6’0 250lbs but are the best lineman around… a college coach will take you, plain and simple they want the best football players. If you can help them win, they will take you. But you have to be talented and you show your talent on film. You can make up for a lack of size and strength with speed. If you can showcase blazing speed in a live game scenario, college coaches will love it. You can make up for a lack of size with perfect technique. For example, if you’re an undersized WR but know how to run routes, you are fast, catch everything, can block etc. you will be valuable in a college coaches eyes. The details matter- heigh & size certainly help but they are not everything. You just need to focus on being the best football player you can be. The attributes you can’t control but you 100% can control your work ethic & skills. 

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