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How To Prepare For A Big Game

A common question I get is how do I prepare for a big game? Or a big time atmosphere. I think the most important thing about this is treating it like every other game. And it’s easy for others to say that because it’s clearly not like every other game. You need to address that yes it is a big game but it’s no different. There is still 11 guys on the other team that we have to beat. A lot of guys tense up because they put to much emphasis on one game. You should have that hype every single time you set foot on the field. The guys who have that, do very well under pressure. The guys that don’t, crumble in big games. You need to train your mind that no moment is too big. You are suppose to be there. If you couldn’t handle it, you wouldn’t be there. It’s all about the conversation you have with yourself. Are you telling yourself the right things? That you can handle it or that you can’t. Which one are you? I hope it’s the first one. They say the game is 80% mental and I agree but that’s only if you have the skill set. Don’t be afraid of the big moment. Train your mind to expect the big moment. All of you want success on Friday nights and then on Saturdays, so expect that success.

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