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How To Prepare For A Playoff Game

In the playoffs a lot of players try to do too much. You have to approach it like every single game. Prepare the same, execute the same and be the same player. And this should be your best every week. Don’t put too much pressure on one game. Be relaxed but be prepared. You should study every single team the same. The season is getting you ready for the playoffs. Don’t be the guy who is super tense and super nervous before a playoff game just because it’s playoffs. Approach every game the same, take it one play at a time and you will be successful. You are playing better competition but if your preparation has been good all year, you won’t have to change a thing. Never take a team lightly and never think a team is better than they are. It should be the same mindset every time you touch the field. Just because it’s playoffs don’t change your routine and preparation.

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