How To Prepare For High Pressure Situations

In sports, you will always be thrown into a situation where the moment can get “too big”. Which is hard for some athletes to ignore. But I think the easiest way to handle big games, big plays, crucial times, and high pressure situations is to stay calm under pressure and realize it’s still the game that you know and love. All you can do is your job. Some guys do their job exceptionally well and they can quiet their mind in high pressure situations. 4th quarter comebacks, championship games, and 4th and long scenarios to name a few. You have to approach it as just another play, just another rep, or just another game. But where do you get that confidence? Confidence comes from preparation. If you prepare to be the best you will be the best. Average preparation is not gonna get you above average results. To be above average and often times great, you have to understand what your opponent will do before he does it. You need so many damn mental reps because there is a limit on how many physical reps you can do. If you want to learn how to take mental reps, understand what the defense will do before they do it, and prepare so you can handle the big moments, click the link below!


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