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How to stay focused is one of the biggest keys for any athletes. Ignoring the noise is essential to your success at any level. You have to stay in your lane. It doesn’t matter what anybody else does or says. The only thing that matters is your team and winning. That’s your goal. Focus on bettering yourself for the team to put them in a good situation to win. Whether you are a 3rd stringer trying to get that starting spot or the best player on the team, you have to stay humble and focus on that goal. Too many guys get off course because a team has success and they go and celebrate all the time and relax. I’m not saying don’t celebrate your successes but the longer you are celebrating, the longer you have your head up your ass and you’re not working. Stay focused on the task at hand. If your goal is to win a state championship, then everything you do should be geared toward that. Make sure your grades are right, work like a state champion in the weight room and on the field. Don’t do average work when you want an above average goal. Keep that one goal in mind, stay in your lane and that’s success. That’s how you will stay focused.

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