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How To Stay In Shape During The Season

A lot of guys will go into camp in the best shape possible but once the season rolls around they will lose a lot of their gains they made in the off season due to lack of activity. Now if you have a good program at school this article is not for you, a lot of schools lift during the season but they don’t go hard or try to get much accomplished. That’s who this is for. You always have to be maintaining. Especially during the season. On the field is where you get better at your playbook and executing the concepts the coaches put in play for you guys to win, however in the weight room it is a different story. You are just trying to make sure you don’t lose anything. Not too many gains are being made during the season. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard. Not at all what I am saying, but you need to be doing the right things. Hydration is SO IMPORTANT during the season. If you are dehydrated you cannot perform and that is when cramps and all of that good stuff starts to happen. Hydration will help you keep a muscle fullness. Also eating, as usual, is very important but even more so during the season. You will practice for long hours but you need to make sure you re-fuel your body. Take in more calories than you burn so you don’t lose weight. I have heard of programs not lifting at all during the season. If that is your situation you need to lift on your own time. The season is not an excuse for a lack of strength. Go hard Monday and Tuesday then start to taper off for the game on Friday. Just to keep your strength level up but most programs do that. 

The season is very important for you to get better on the field but make sure we are keeping our bodies in the right shape to do that.

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