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How To Stay Motivated

How can you stay motivated? I think a lot of athletes struggle with this because you put in so many hours and sometimes you don’t see a lot of results. You have to be patient in the long term but work with a lot speed. Seeing the end goal is essential.

If you want to be a successful athlete or whatever your goals might be you need to have some patience. You should work like it’s going to happen that day but have the mindset of patience. Each day should be strategically moving you closer to your goal. If your goal is to start on your team, everyday you should be doing something to get you closer to that. Whether that is film study, weight room, or field work. But everyday you should be moving forward. If your goal is to get an offer, everyday you should email a coach or research a school to pull you closer to that goal. Now this seems like a lot of work, how do you stay consistent? Like we were talking about before, you need to see the goal. Remember your reason why. That is what will keep you motivated. My personal reason why is my family, so everyday I work and keep that in mind. It can be anything you want it to be but you have to be clear on it. You need that one reason that forces you to get up every morning and work. If you want to be the first person In your family to go to college, that’s a clear reason why. The list goes on and on. But you need to find that place and make every decision based on exactly that. If it doesn’t help you get to that point, you shouldn’t spend anytime with it or worrying about it. Focus on what you want and your reason why. That’s how you can stay motivated when this game knocks you down so many times.

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