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How To Take Someone’s Spot

A lot of you young guys want to come into your team and take an upperclassman’s spot. I friken love that attitude but you gotta go about it the right way. You want to pay attention to the guy in front of you but you don’t want to make it your daily task to look at everything he does and watch him like a fan. You want to observe him but in reality if you are doing everything you can, you should be working harder than him. You want it to be about putting the team in the best position to win. Coaches want to win so they keep their job, and if you are the best guy and they have the most confidence in you, they will pick you. But if you are constantly comparing yourself to the guy in front of you, you will lose. You are worrying about what he’s doing and not what you are doing. The more time you spend thinking about him, the less time you spend thinking about you and what you can do to get better. If you go 100% in everything you do, study the playbook, watch hours upon hours of film, go hard in the weight room and a countless number of other things, good things will happen. Nobody works that hard. You have to obsessed with your craft and obsessed with getting better. You know the starter isn’t getting up at 6am so you should get up at 6 and start working. If he does get up at 6am you should get up at 5. Do everything that he’s not willing to do, so you give the team the best shot to win. Play your own game, focus on getting better and you will win the job.

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