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Especially during this time of the year, coaches are trying to figure out who their guys are and who they can trust on the field. Now sometimes you might be the starter all throughout spring and things can change during the summer. Sometimes it is your own fault and sometimes it’s just circumstances. But how can you win that job back? It’s not going to be easy. Anything that’s worth it won’t be. But if you show up everyday with your head down and just grind, things are going to go your way. The coach wants the best guys on the field at all times. If you lose your spot you gotta earn it back. Don’t be “too big time” for scout team because you were a starter in the spring. Go in on scout team, be a leader for the younger guys and work your ass off. You need to have that attitude of “I will do whatever it takes to get my job back”. Or else you won’t. You will end up on the bench your entire high school career. You shouldn’t care about how hard it’s going to be, you need to care about how good you’re gonna feel when you get the job back. Keep your head down and stay in your lane. 

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