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How WRs Can Get Recruited In A Run Heavy Offense

Trust me, college coaches will understand this. They understand sometimes you may not have a great QB or you may not have the most ideal offense to run but you can still achieve the goal of playing college football. Your highlights get you recruited and below we are going to discuss what will help you stand out the most.

The first thing you need in a run heavy offense is film of you blocking. Blocking will make you stand out because there are very few WRs who are assets in the run game. They just run routes and make plays but are very lazy with the gritty stuff like blocking. Blocking will help separate yourself from other WRs a school might be recruiting. So make sure to include some of your best blocking plays early in your highlight tape.

Blocking all comes down to explosion and power, if you need to improve those aspects of your game and want to get stronger, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing you want to include in your highlight tape is plays of you running great routes without getting the ball throw to you. So obviously your best plays need to go first in your highlights. Any big play, tough catch etc. But if you catch a 5yd hitch for an 8yd gain, don’t put that in your highlights. That doesn’t show anything. Even if that’s only 1 of 15 receptions you had all year. A College coach would rather see an explosive route where you demonstrate selling fade, getting out of breaks and accelerating rather than a simple play. This is an essential element to add to your highlights if you are a primary run team.

If you can make big plays when awarded the opportunity, block your tail off and run great routes even when you don’t get the ball… you can get recruited in a primary run offense.

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