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How WRs Can Improve TOP SPEED

The first thing WRs can do to get faster is to run track or work with a speed coach because this will help your running form improve. If you can get your knee drive, stride length, arm drive etc. to all improve, you will see major gains in your speed.

Now having the running form down is great, however there comes a point when you plateau with just form. You need to also be doing exercises in the gym that will build speed and explosiveness to help. So exercises like jump squats, power cleans, plyometrics etc. all will help you increase your fast twitch muscle fibers and make you a faster athlete. These must be incorporated into your daily workout routines.

NOW I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR… As a WR you cannot just train in the gym and expect to thrive at the next level, you need to be just as technically sound as you are explosive. If you aren’t Tyreek Hill, at the next level everyone on that field is fast. You need to have certain releases, route running techniques etc. in your tool belt to get separation. If you guys would like 60 Wide Receiver Route Running Workouts made into a daily schedule to get you ready for the next level click below! ⬇️⬇️

Last but not least for speed, combined with working explosive movements in the gym, you need to also be using resistance training methods. Running with sleds, running with bands, running up hills, running stadiums etc. This will help you also improve your top speed. Make sure you train these correctly also, don’t run 100 hill sprints back to back. Run a sprint, walk down, get your rest then go again. This will activate your fast twitch muscle fibers more because you are giving an all out effort on each rep. Not just getting it done for conditioning.

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