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When choosing a release against press coverage, it comes down to 2 specific things.

The first thing you want to take into consideration is the DBs leverage. Is he head up, inside, or outside shade? And how far off is he? Those are the two main questions you ask yourself. Make sure you understand what his goals are with those specific looks. If he is inside shade he is trying to force you outside, if he’s outside shade he’s trying to force you inside. And if he is head up he could go either way. So for example let’s say he’s inside shade but 2-3yds off and you have a dig route. You would want to attack the DBs leverage inside for 2yds maybe and then make a move threatening inside. Then you would take the outside release and work to re stack or throw by at the top of the route. Just because you have an inside route doesn’t mean you need an inside release. If a DB is inside shade he won’t give it up anyways. That’s pretty much the basis of reading a DB. Ask yourself what is he giving you?

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The second thing you need to take into consideration is the play type. So if we understand a DBs leverage you can still be inefficient with the move you choose. If you are running a slant route and let’s say you are an outside WR. DB lines up inside shade and about 1-2yds off. You need to understand the play type and what kind of progression/drop the QB is taking. So let’s say it’s a quick game slant, QB is just catching the ball and throwing…. This means you do NOT want to use any kind of release that takes a while. NO slide releases, skip releases, step back releases etc. you need to make your move fast and go. Let’s say now it’s a slant but the QB is looking at two other routes before you AKA you are the 3rd read. That’s when you can be more patient. Don’t just be a guy who runs routes, be a second QB on the field and understand play concepts.


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