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How WRs Can Win A Position Battle

WRs every year battle it out to be one of the top 4 guys on the field. Especially if you play at a high level program, being one of the top 4 guys means that you can get some kind of recruiting attention. How you can win a position battle in the summer is what we are going to talk about today. None of the 7on7 or 1on1s matter when the pads come on. You need to be focused on doing your job and focused on putting the team in the absolute best position to win. So every aspect of your game needs to be on point. Your route running needs to be smooth but it needs to be efficient. You cannot waste too much time and do all the fancy things. For each route you need to know how to run it, when to use specific moves on it and know what the QB is thinking/trying to do on that specific route. You also need to understand timing and understand your playbook. You don’t want to go out there and be completely lost. You should be studying 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday so you have a great knowledge of the offense. Understand what windows you need to sit in, what coverages you will be seeing and know the play concepts your offense runs. Last but not least I think in order to win a position battle you need to be physically even or better than your competition. I have seen guys compete against each other and coaches have given it to the other kid simply because he’s a better athlete. They are willing to work with that even if you know the offense like the back of your hand. So you can’t leave anything to chance going into competition. You need to be just as good if not better in every aspect of the game. So getting after it in the weight room, on the field and getting in great condition is essential for you to compete. If you struggle with this checkout the link below for our 2 month long WR gym training program. It is 2 months of specific exercises to help WRs get stronger, faster, more explosive and improve their grip strength. These are not just regular exercises like bench press, these exercises will translate to on the field play! Click the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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