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I Hate When QBs Do This

I absolutely hate when QBs complain about anything and let their teammates know about it. You are not a leader. There is a difference between setting the standard for the team and being an ass. You need to know when to get on somebody and when to let them figure it out. Anytime you are getting on someone for dropping a ball or missing a block it needs to be positive. Your teammates will respond better. Some guys like being yelled at and respond well to it... but not by another player. You aren’t a coach so quit acting like you’re above everyone else. Act like you are one of the guys and be a true leader on the team. A guy who will pick you up and give you constructive criticism. Not complain and blame all of your problems on the receivers or linemen. Because if you do that, when you throw a game losing pick(every QB does at some point) nobody and I mean nobody will have your back. If a coach is getting on one of your guys just pick him up and be positive. If he is struggling or having a bad day, pick him up and stay positive. The guys who you see get on their players like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant have previously set the standard. And the reason they do that is because they don’t accept anything but greatness. That’s how you should be. Set the standard, so guys feel even worse when they mess up. You can’t just walk in with no context and start screaming at guys. Lead by example and they will follow. Kobe ad Michael Jordan had two of the best work ethics of all time and that’s why they were the two best leaders in basketball. You don’t wanna talk at them. Talk with them and figure out how you can go about the problem. Most players will be soft and can’t handle you yelling at them or they will give you no respect. Be a big enough leader to teach your guys. The loudest one in the room can often be the weakest.

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