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I HATE When WRs Do This

This article is a personal opinion. If you do what I’m about to talk about I’m not saying it’s wrong I’m just saying that’s how I feel from a QB perspective. I absolutely hate when WRs are running downfield and they are throwing their hands up asking for the ball like an idiot. If you want the ball all you need to do is stick your hand up once, that’s it. If the QB is going to give you the ball he will see you. He’s got 100 different things going through his mind. The last thing he is thinking about is if his WRs hand is up. It’s different when you are selling a route. But it’s not different when you don’t even have the DB beat and you are asking for the ball. You are showing up the QB. You are giving off the vibe that you know more than him and he should only be giving you the ball regardless of the play. Now that might not even be true but you don’t want to give that off. If you feel the QB isn’t seeing you, come up to him after the play and tell him you are open. Believe me, nobody wants to get you the ball more than the QB. If you are open, and you tell him, he will find you. But don’t be an ass about it. I tell my QBs when the WR is complaining, really give him something to complain about. Don’t give him the ball at all. Without the QB you don’t have anything and without the WR the QB doesn’t have anything. So you guys need to be on the same page and have a great relationship/chemistry. Expect greatness from each other but in a positive way. Don’t EVER show up your quarterback.

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