In Season WR Gym Workout Split

Below we will be giving you a workout that you can do as a WR during the season to maintain strength, speed and explosiveness without giving your body too much wear and tear. I hope you enjoy! 

SPLIT 1 (legs)

Single Leg Split Squat (dumbbells) (one leg on a bench)

4x8 reps each side 

Superset with

Pistol Squats To Bench (one leg squats) (don’t let knee cave inward or go over the toe)

4x8 reps each side 

If you guys would like a daily WR training routine for ON FIELD drills that you can do during the season and in the off season checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

SPLIT 2 (explosion)

Power Cleans

3x8 reps

Superset with

Box Jumps

3x8 reps

SPLIT 3 (core work)

Russian Twists (Med Ball or Plate)

4x20 reps

Superset with


4x10 reps

Superset with


4x1 minute holds 

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