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INTRO DM To A College Coach

Today we will be giving you a great intro DM that you can send to a college coach that will get his attention and boost the likelihood of him opening your DMs. I hope this can help! 

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The main thing that not a lot of people know about an intro DM is that you need to ask them a question! Asking a question will increase your chances of getting them to respond. A lot of people make the mistake of sending out their highlights and spamming the coach. First of all, on Twitter, where all of this is going to happen… you have your highlight tape link in your bio or as a pinned tweet. So if the coach follows you back- he can watch your highlights anytime he wants. You should only DM him your highlights if he asks for them.

 Intro DM:

Hey Coach ____, my name is ____ and I am a (position) in the class of _____ and I attend (high school & state). Thank you so much for following me and I hope we can connect! Do you have any camps this off season that I can come out to? Thank you for your time! 

The best way to get anybody to respond is to offer them money. Camps are how college coaches get paid during the summer. Especially assistants. They want as many sign ups as they can get. Now even if you can’t attend the camp, at least you opened a line of communication and that is what the first DM is all about. 

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