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Is JUCO For Me?

I can give you one piece of advice when going to a JUCO or a community college. The piece of advice is that you need to be the toughest guy in the room. A lot of guys think JUCO is easy and it’s like being on that Netflix show. It’s not. It’s probably one of the hardest things you have to do. It’s a high level of competition. It’s college football but you aren’t on scholarship, you don’t have special treatment and nobody cares about your past accomplishments. Everyone is there for one goal, to “get out” and get to a 4-year. So if you think it’s that team mindset like high school you are mistaken. To quote on quote “make it out” you have to have a strong mindset as to why you are there, be tough, and trust the process of the season. JUCO is a great path but it’s not for those who don’t have thick skin or those who are soft.

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