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It Has To Be An Everyday Thing

Some athletes dont want to do the work. It is that simple. That’s why athletes who actually work, will win. Anybody who has achieved a top level of success and kept it, was because of their work ethic and I gaurentee they did something to better themselves everyday.

Now you shouldn’t be working out every day because obviously your body needs time to rest, but you still have a playbook, film, and resources like myself to get better. If you aren’t lifting or doing field work, you should be studying. Whether it is school work or football IQ work. School work is important because it will get you to the next level. You have to have good enough grades but you need to make time for football work as well.

If you are a QB and you don’t study film every night you are doing it wrong. If you play WR and you aren’t studying the DB you are playing this Friday every night, you are doing it wrong. And etc. Film is so important for football players. At any position. If your Hudl time is less than 7 hours... that’s 1 hour every night... you are slacking.

Studying your playbook is going to make you better as well. Visualizing the plays you are going to make as you go through it. soon enough you will begin to make those plays in practice then on a Friday night. But don’t just expect the QB to tell you the play every time. And if a QB doesn’t know the playbook that is the worst thing for a team. I don’t even want to think about that. A QB should be another coach when it comes to plays. And there is no excuse for any player not to know the playbook. It is just pure laziness and can be dramatically avoided.

To be the best, you need to be obsessed with it. Everyday you need to do something to help your game improve. When the hours add up, you will be that much ahead of the competition.

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