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It’s Time To Work

It’s time to work. It’s not time to make excuses. I see too many guys who “want to take time off” when they haven’t deserved any time off. This is just the truth, if you didn’t play much last year, and you want to take some time off, did you really earn that time off? That’s like an overweight person who is still 100 lbs overweight but they had a good workout rewarding themselves with a burger. They still didn’t earn it. If you want to play next year, dominate next year or start getting attention from schools, don’t bitch about it and ask questions. Do the work! People ask me all the time for advice and I will always give it to them because I want to help but I wonder how many people actually take the advice I give and use it or they just talk themselves out of it. You need to work always, that expression “no days off” is corny and dated. But it’s true. You need to be doing something everyday to get better. Yes you need to days to recover, that’s helping your body, you are getting better but don’t give a half ass effort in everything else. 

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