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When you’re down in the 4th quarter with a few minutes left there are a couple things you need to do. Don’t force it, take it one play at a time, and be smart. Forcing it means trying to be a hero, just take what the defense gives you. You don’t have to make big play after big play. You will never go broke taking a profit. Taking it one play at a time, you guys have all heard that from me before. Just focus on your job and what you need to do to help your team win. Especially in a 2 or 4 minute offense. Do your job and get out of bounds or get set. Being smart, obviously that’s easy for anybody to say. Being smart is getting out of bounds when you need to, knowing when to throw the ball away as a QB, not holding the ball too long as a QB, not making 100 moves as a WR and etc. Understand the situation you’re in and you will be fine. The whole goal of a 2 minute or 4 minutes offense is to move the ball and control the clock. Then obviously score, but if you can continually chip away at the defense you will be successful when down in the 4th quarter.

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