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Mindset On Game Day

On game day your mindset has to be bulletproof. Nothing anybody says or does can bother you or distract you from what you have to do. If you have worked hard all off season you should feel like you are the best on the field. And those who just half ass it in practice or in the off season will all get exposed on Friday Nights. If you want a great season, it is simple, work our face off for 6 months and good things will happen. I just believe that. If you want a way to get rid of pre game nerves, work harder in the off season to ensure that you are prepared. Your mindset needs to be focused. Don’t worry about the crowd or what people are there. You have one goal. Win the game. Anybody who tells you it’s not about winning it’s about having fun is lying to you. Winning is fun. Focus on what you have to do EVERY SINGLE PLAY to beat your opponent. If you do your job, you will win the game if your coaches have properly prepared you, which I hope they do. Just be focused on executing. QBs especially. Often times they can try to do too much, that’s when they get into trouble. Focus on your job every single play. That goes for any athlete on the field. If you can get 11 guys to do their job on a play, you will win. That’s the hard part about this game because it’s a difficult thing to do. A game is a chaotic environment but if you can be calm in the chaos good things are going to happen. Nerves will settle and your actual ability will show if you just take it one play at a time. You should feel like the best at what you are doing because you have practiced it over and over again. Take things one play, one rep at a time. Be focused on the goal of winning. That should be your mindset on game night.

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