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Most Of You Don’t Want To Get Better

It is beyond me that people think that they are so good at a skill they don’t need to improve it. Great NFL players always put a huge focus on what they are good at, they don’t neglect it. If you put off your strengths they will soon become a weakness. You need to constantly be working the parts of your game that you think you are good at. All aspects of your game can improve no doubt, but don’t forget your strengths. I’ve said this multiple times about WRs but it applies for all athletes. College coaches want to see something that separates you from the 500 other athletes they have seen. All 499 of those athletes could be a 4.4 guy or could be 6’4 but if they can’t do a certain aspect of the game like you, you will stand out. Especially at the collegiate level, everyone is good. They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t good. So you need to find a way to create separation from those guys. Not just in your work ethic but in your playing. The way you will get there is by doubling down on what you are good at. Don’t forget to work your weaknesses but let’s say you are a good route runner, try to be the best damn route runner in the state. Do something that is going to make you stand out, not just blend in.

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