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Online Training Service

I think the hardest part about finding a trainer or somebody to work with your son can be the price. Not everyone has thousands to spend on a private trainer to help their sons game improve. That’s why I developed my online training service.

Now I know a lot of people think an online service is just videos. How is anybody going to learn from that? I couldn’t agree with that thinking more. I never learned that way as a player and I wouldn’t expect anybody else to either. That is why my training service is interactive. I offer a film breakdown service for my athletes so it feels like I am right there with them when they listen/ watch my audio and video breakdown of their film that they submit. Also I give them personalized drills that I have filmed to improve the weak points of their game. Very similar to training with me in person... but for less than half the price. It’s a monthly fee rather than a sessional fee. Some trainers charge $100-$200 dollars for an hour session. That is RIDICULOUS. I am only asking for a fee once a month and you will have access to everything a normal client of mind would. The 3 fees are $25, $35, or $55 each one giving you more access.

Anything you do involving your child’s future is an investment. Invest this monthly fee to ultimately save you thousands in the future on a college education. That is the goal and I won’t settle for anything less. Check out on this site our plans and pricing so you can get started today! 

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