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Over Weight Players Do This Workout

Below we will be giving you a football conditioning workout to help you get in shape and potentially burn fat if you are over weight. I hope this can help!

Also, if you are a QB or WR and would like to get a custom workout plan made for you, checkout the link below! You can send us film and I will give you an audio/video breakdown on your film with feedback on where you need to improve. Then based on that, we will construct a custom 8 week field & gym workout plan for you to follow! Here is the info ⬇️⬇️


(anytime there is yardage on these sprints above 100yds- for example 200yd sprint- you sprint a football field down back. Then for example “300yd sprints” you go down, back and then down again- so break these up into 100yd increments.)

800yd jog  (down & back on a football field 4 times)- can go at a slow pace

2x300yd sprints (walk 100yds for rest)


4x200yd sprints (walk 100yds for rest)

4x100yd sprints (walk 100yds for rest)


8x50yd sprints (walk 50yds for rest) 

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