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Pre-Snap Reads

QBs need to have the right IQ to be able to play at the next level. They can’t just walk in and pick a receiver and throw to them. They have to understand defenses and how they work. What should they look for pre snap and post snap. Today we are going to talk about Pre Snap.

So the first place your eyes should go is the safeties. Identify if there is 0,1,2 or even 3 safeties. That narrows down what coverage you think they will be in. They could obviously roll the safeties but that’s a different story. Then you want to get your eyes to the corners. How are they playing? Are they off or are they pressed? You can normally tell by their eyes or their leverage. If their eyes are on you, they are most likely in zone unless they aren’t very smart. If their eyes are on the WR it is probably a man look. Now obviously there are situations where the eyes on the receiver scenario can change. After you determine what the corners are doing, move your eyes to the box, do we like our numbers? How many men are in the box? Do we like this play against this front or this protection? You have to be able to answer all these questions within seconds and that comes from repetition and film study. If you don’t watch film as a QB that is dumb. You need to understand the defenses you will be seeing and what you like against those specific fronts and coverages. What are the tendencies of the defense? All of these questions are answered through film and then you rep your pre snap reads through practice and visualization.

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