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Pros and Cons of 7on7

Pros: The pros of 7on7 really depends on why you are there. If you are there for the show and all of the hype then I really believe 7on7 has ZERO BENEFIT for any athlete. If you are there to get better and there to compete then that’s a different story. You should be there to improve your skills and improve your ability going against a live defense or offense. That’s pretty much it. If you are there to spin the ball after a touchdown or kick the ball after a pick, you should have probably stayed home, for the benefit of us all. You are there to get better. Period. Receivers can dramatically improve their route running ability and chemistry with their QB. QBs can dramatically improve their read making ability. And all defensive players can improve their coverage skills. If it wasn’t a great tool, they wouldn’t have it.

Cons: Now there are a few cons. The first one being that QBs can take about 7 hitches and there is no consequence. They can be 2 inches from the line of scrimmage and still make a throw. In a real game, you are getting your teeth knocked out. Probably the most unrealistic thing you can do. Then for WRs, they take about 30 seconds to get off the line with their “footwork” when really it is just wasted motion. And then the big one, teams actually charge you a fortune for it. Now I completely understand why they charge, they need to pay for expenses and they probably don’t take a profit, but I have heard of teams charging up to $600. PER PLAYER. That is ridiculous. I don’t care if I am being coached by Vince Lombardi, I’m not paying $600 for fake football. There are plenty of positives and negatives, but you need to be in this game for the right reasons. When the cameras stop filming are you there to play? Or are you there to be that guy who tries to spin the ball but can never do it right?

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