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QB Arm Pain

What can you do if you are starting to experience pain in your arm after a lot of throwing? There are a few things to treat it and we are going to discuss today why it is in pain.

So I am not a recovery expert but the thing I have experienced the most success with is ice after you throw and often times before you throw. If you know you are going to have 2 practices, I would ice before the 2nd practice and after the 2nd practice to ensure your arm is able to recover. Now where should you ice? I would suggest the frontal region of the shoulder and the elbow. Even if there is no pain in those areas, we should still ice because we want to prevent pain from ever occurring. Now why does your arm hurt in those places?

If your arm has pain in the elbow, it could be from over working it. Plain and simple. If you are taking a lot of reps your arm will get tired that’s just the way it is. It comes with the position but if it is your shoulder area or bicep area then we have a bit of a mechanical problem. You are throwing mostly with your arm. If you don’t drive from your legs and let your arm roll into the throw, you will experience a lot of pressure because in your rotation phase the arm will shoot back almost like a sling shot. We don’t want that. We want everything to be smooth and that comes from your legs, hips, and core. If you experience shoulder pain, I would highly suggest using more of your legs and core in the throw. Take stress off of your arm. If you don’t think I’m right just look at anybody In the NFL, if you only used your arm, you couldn’t throw for 4 15 minute quarters and practice 6 days a week. It wouldn’t be possible. They make it work because of their mechanics. Using their legs, hips, and core will take all pressure off of your arm.

This is a common thing for QBs. It’s not the end of the world, I think everyone who throws for a living has experienced arm pain on some level. Rest and ice are the two best things for you.

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