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Below we will be discussing what you can do as a WR to get more receptions if it seems your QB doesn’t even look your way. I hope this can help! 

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1)- Chemistry. Sometimes the play design may not be for you in an offense but other times the QB can choose who to throw to or a side to read. And for a QB, being comfortable is such an advantage. And a QB is most comfortable throwing to a guy he knows and a guy whose routes he is familiar with. So any chance you get, you should be working with your QB. After practice spend 15-20 minutes with him. Before practice warm up with him. Train with him on the weekends. Offer to catch for him at his QB coach etc. Guys you need to put in extra effort to build a playing relationship with the guy. You don’t have to be best friends with him off the field, but he needs to trust you. And trust comes from the work you put in.

2)- Know your playbook. Sometimes WRs don’t get the ball because they don’t think like a QB. I spend a lot of time going over different man coverage techniques for WRs but a lot of you don’t know where to sit in zone coverages. Like for example, if you have a fade route and it’s cover 2- don’t run full speed downfield for 40yds and cover yourself. Sit in the “hole shot” between the corner and the safety. Because that is where the QB will be looking. You guys need to be on the same page mentally just as much as having chemistry physically. 

3)- Work on your hands. When I played QB I had WRs who were fast, shifty, could jump out of the gym etc. But the guys I liked throwing to were guys who I knew could catch. So you need to try and catch 50-100 passes per day. Be reliable with your hands. That is another way to increase trust with a QB. I remember I had a WR in high school who was a track guy. He had to have ran a 4.5 40 & I never threw him the ball when he was in because he would drop the ball 7/10 times. I don’t need a wasted throw. So make sure you are not that guy.

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