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QB Football IQ Test

Below is a 3 question test on how smart of a QB you are and if you able to read defenses at the next level. The answers to the test will be located at the bottom of this article! I hope this helps.

Question 1)- What is the difference between safeties in Cover 2 & Cover 4? (Not just their coverage responsibilities think about how you can tell the difference)

Question 2)- If you are in a 2x2 set, 1 RB and a defense goes Cover 0, is anybody blitzing you unblocked?

Question 3)- What coverage do we like working the “smash concept” against?

Answers below ⬇️

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Answer 1)- Obviously both of these coverages are 2 high safety looks. So it can be hard to tell the difference especially if corners like to show press and then bail last second. So in cover 2, the safeties are responsible for the deep half’s and in cover 4 they are responsible for the 2 middle 4ths. So In cover 2 they will have a skinny stance aka a back pedal stance because they have more ground to cover. In cover 4, they have less ground to cover so they will have more of a squatted, run support stance.

Answer 2)- Yes. Think about the number of defenders. If it’s 2x2 that means you have 4 WRs. And let’s say the RB is running maybe a swing, so you have an LB manned up on him. That means 5 people are out of the box. But if it’s cover 0, which is a form of man coverage with no safeties… 6 people will be blitzing you. So that means 1 is unblocked, so you have to get the ball out quick.

Answer 3)- Cover 2. In smash the corner will drive on the hitch, pivot etc. if you don’t stare it down. Then that should open up the corner route from the slot WR. You must throw the corner on a line to protect him from a safety.

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