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QB Footwork Tips

The main thing about a Quarterback footwork we are going to focus on today is their base inside the pocket. Too many QBs have a poor base which is what causes them to be inaccurate. Their legs are too close together which cause a long stride. You can fix that by widening your base. Have the inside of your feet be just outside your shoulder. The stride doesn’t change but by widening your base your front foot just hits the ground faster. Now the second mistake I see QBs make is they stand too tall with their base. You want to be as tall as possible from your waist up and your butt should almost be “sitting down”. Have a slight bend in your knees. If you don’t, you’re going to be throwing mostly with your hips and arm. You want to get your leg engaged in the throw. How you do that is by producing ground force, you can’t produce ground force without a strong base with a slight bend to your knees.

If you’re a QB and you need to get stronger legs, check out my 28 Day Workout Plan For QBs designed to make them stronger athletes and improve their QB specific performance 👇🏻

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