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The RPO is a really common thing in today’s game and it all rests on the QBs shoulders. Is he going to make good decisions and be smart with the ball? The RPO game is not a game where you try to be a hero. When In doubt... give it to your RB. It’s that simple. And don’t force any throws and you will be fine. The two main things that tie into an RPO system are being able to throw without your feet set and having quick feet. There are times when you won’t be on platform and you gotta make a throw. So your upper half torque is essential. You need to have great rotation on the ball and be able to throw darts on your follow through. Now there are other times where you need to pop your feet set to throw. But the thing I hate the most is when QBs jump. Don’t jump, keep your cleats in the ground. It’s much faster. Those are the two keys to getting the ball out of your hand fast and being a prolific passer in the RPO game. Now in regards for running the ball, get yardage and get down. RPO QBs are great at not taking too many shots. Don’t get yourself killed by trying to be a hero. Two guys to study on this are Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Two of the best to do it in college. If you are smart with your decisions and get the ball out of your hands you can thrive in an RPO SYSTEM.

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