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QB Training Schedule

Today we will be giving you a week schedule of some things that you can do as a QB to improve your game. I hope this can help!


10am Morning Film

11-1230 On Field Work (mechanics & off platform emphasis)

1230-330 Rest & Recover

4-530 Gym Work

530-630 Stretch, Ice Bath (if available) & Foam roller (recovery routine)


10-11 Speed Work (on field)

11-1230 Field Work (mechanics and on the run emphasis)

1230-230 rest and recover

230-330 Film Study

4-530 Gym Work

530-630 Recovery Routine


10-12 Film Study

Rest of day is a recovery day (stretch, ice, massage gun, foam roll, hydrate)


Same emphasis as Monday


Same emphasis as Tuesday


10-12 On field Route Tree Work (0-9 plus any double moves you guys run: must throw with receivers and work the off platform/on the run throws from the week)

12-2 Recover

2-330 Gym Work

330-430 Recovery Routine

430-530 Film Study


12-2 Film Study


The link below is a full breakdown of all the things you can do as a QB to improve your throwing mechanics! We talk about the specific drills, sets, reps and frequency you need to perform each drill to improve your game quickly. You can add these drills to the schedule we provided above. You will improve your overall mechanics, throwing on the run ability, and ability to extend plays and throw off platform! CLICK BELOW⬇️⬇️

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