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QBs against man coverage there are 2 things you gotta be able to do in order to be successful. 1) Buy yourself some time, and 2) recognize and understand matchups. In the pocket, the whole reason you do drills in the offseason to work on your footwork is so you can extend the play back there. Against man coverage, more often than not, you will be getting pressure. So we have to be able to avoid getting sacked, keeping our eyes downfield, and deliver the ball. Now matchups are super important against man. I like our guys vs their guys. If you have a 6’2 receiver matched up on a 5’9 corner, probably a good matchup to attack vs man. If you have the fastest guy on your team matched up on a linebacker, probably another good matchup. You need to recognize that pre snap and recognize the blitz. As a QB you should love man coverage. If you want someone to study, study Aaron Rodgers vs the blitz. One of the best to utilize matchups and buying time in the pocket.

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