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Recruited With No Film?

I get this question a lot and this is a bit of a trick question. You need some film, but if you don’t have game film it’s going to be very hard to get a coach to take a chance on you. There are many options you can do but JUCO (community college) or a lower division school would be your best bet. A division 1 coach has his job on the line so he probably won’t be handing out scholarships to guys he isn’t almost sure of. But you can change his opinion. As soon as you get film you need to email coaches with it. Not the head coach, your position coach. Be strategic. They probably won’t respond the first 5 times and most of the guys give up. But that 6th email could be the one he responds to. If you have practice film, send that to them and I don’t mean routine practice plays that everyone makes against scout team. I mean HIGHLIGHTS. Because it’s not game film so they most likely won’t look to much at it. It’s possible to get recruited without film but it’s unlikely to a big school. You have the option to walk-on as well but that’s a different life. You are almost separate from the team but it’s possible to work your way up. Baker Mayfield is a perfect example. It’s all about what you want out of college and what your situation is.

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