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Seniors With NO OFFERS

Below we will be discussing what seniors with no offers can do to get recruited this season.

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If you are a senior and don’t have any offers, it is not the end of the world. I have seen plenty of players receive scholarship offers after their senior year. D1 offers too. It’s tough to land a D1 offer with only 1 year of varsity film if I am being honest but that doesn’t mean you are doomed from ever playing division 1 football. We are going to discuss your options in this article below. 

Option 1)- Receiving an offer after your senior season. This is common & happens a lot. More common for smaller division schools to do this, but I’ve seen a few cases where someone has gotten a D1 offer after their senior year. But what all of these recruits have in common is that they made a mid season highlight tape. After your first 5 games you need to make something we call a “mid season” highlight tape. You compile all of your best plays into a 1-3 minute video from the first half of the season. This helps you stay organized when the end of the season comes but this is also a tool you can use to reach out to coaches. Maybe you went to some college camps in the off season and met some coaches, maybe you have been messaging some coaches but none have offered. You can send them your mid season highlight tape after the first 5 games. If they like what they see, I bet their interest will start to pick up. But this is the first step to getting an offer after your senior season.

Option 2)- JUCO Route. Let’s say maybe you have battled injuries and don’t have a ton of film or maybe went to a small school that doesn’t have recruiting attention… going tip a junior college/community college would be great for you. Especially if you dont have the financial means for college. You can spend 2 years there, save a lot of money and get more film to potentially land a bigger scholarship offer. You will lose those 1-2 years of eligibility but colleges who recruit JUCO players expect them to play early. Also, attending a prep school is a great option too. Those are expensive I must add. But if you have the financial means, a prep school is almost like a gap year but you take classes and can play sports at the school. A popular prep school is IMG Academy.

Option 3)- Taking a smaller school offer. There is no shame in playing lower division college football. If you get your school paid for, who cares. I get a lot of crap online from the keyboard warriors saying “oh you never played D1 whenever I post a video” and yeah that’s true but I could care less what those bums say. I tell you this… a 5’9 white guy getting a scholarship to play football in college, a complete full ride I might add… and I don’t have any student debt… yeah I think I’m doing alright. Both my parents were able to retire because they didn’t have the burden of tuition. That was my goal. And that should be your main goal I feel. Just get your school paid for so you can set yourself and your family up for a better life. Also, you can always transfer to a bigger school. Especially nowadays with how the transfer portal is. So there are many paths to college football even if you are in your last year of high school without any offers. 

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