Should I Go To A JUCO?

After their last high school season a lot of athletes have to make the decision of where they want to continue playing. JUCO is a road less traveled. For those who don’t know what JUCO means, it means Junior College or community college. It is a 2 year school. Not everyone is cut out for it, but it can be extremely beneficial. You get 2 extra years of development and 2 extra years of film. That is going to be huge for your recruiting process. But a couple things you should know about JUCO are that it’s not like high school and it’s not as easy as you may think. Everyone there has a common goal of winning, however the goal in the front of each players mind is getting a scholarship. That’s all. And sometimes the coaches can use it as a stepping stone as well. So there is a bit of a selfish attitude in the room but that’s as expected. Just be prepared. It’s not like high school. It’s not all about winning state or league. You’re gonna come across selfish guys. Now the other misconception is that it’s going to be relatively easy because the competition isn’t as strong. WRONG. It is still college football. It is still a full time job. You still have 6 AM lift and practice in the afternoon. So don’t go in there with an entitled attitude thinking it’s going to be easy. If you feel you are going to be the toughest man on the field, you will survive JUCO and make it out. If not, it’s going to be a rude wake up call.

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