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Should You Play D2 or D3 Football?

Below we will be discussing if you should play Division 2 or Division 3 football. I hope this can help you! 

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There is no shame in playing D2/D3 football if those are your goals. If you just want to get your education paid for, I think playing at a D2 or D3 is a much easier route. Now if you want to be a D1 guy, I am going to address that below.

Let’s say you want to play division 1 college football or a have a dream to play professionally. Whether that’s CFL, XFL, NFL whatever. (Obviously it is extremely challenging but I know a lot of you have that goal). I would recommend going to a junior college over a small division school in most cases. Nowadays it is easier to transfer in college football because of how the portal is. But D1 college coaches are not actively recruiting out of division 2/3 schools. They are looking at JUCOs, obviously high schools and other D1 prospects who enter the portal. So I think it’s way more likely to get looked at from a JUCO. That’s just my opinion. 

Now, let’s say you just want to play college football and want your education paid for. Applying and reaching out to smaller schools is actually a really easy process. I got a 95% scholarship to a small division school and I was so pumped with that. My parents didn’t have to pay for college and I personally could pay the 5% due because I had money saved up. I was never a “D1 or bust” guy or “dreams of the NFL guy”. If you have ever met me in person you realize that genetically I didn’t have the make up to play at that level. But I did everything possible to get my school paid for and I achieved that goal. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that entire process. So if that’s your goal, you just want to take the burden off of your parents, please take my advice here.

First things first, run a simple google search on a list of all D2 & D3 college football programs. There are sits that list them all (super easy). So let’s say you find a school called “Chapman University”. Go to Twitter or “X” as they call it now… type in “Chapman University Football”. Go to their main account, go to who the main account is following and there will be usually every single coach on their coaching staff that had a Twitter. Shoot him a message, DM him, follow him etc. You may have to pay for Twitter verification to send messages. But I think it’s worth it. Elon is really stacking the deck against us. But $8 per month and you might have a shot at a free education. I would just repeat this process over and over again until you get someone to bite or can attend a camp that coach may be at. Trust me guys, D2 & D3 coaches don’t get that many DMs. They actually still read them and that’s a huge opportunity for you.  

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