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Should You Transfer Schools?

Below I will be discussing when is the best time to transfer schools and when you SHOULD NOT transfer schools. I hope this can give you some value and help all of you out that might be thinking about this.

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Okay, so transferring schools happens so often nowadays with high school football players and it is honestly, I think a problem. I think a lot of kids run from competition and are not being honest with themselves so they transfer schools like they are switching TV providers. A lot of kids will claim that the coach doesn’t like them or plays favorites. And I’m gonna be honest with you, coaches do have favorites and their favorite guys are usually the guys who take care of their business in the gym, on the field, in the classroom and the guys who show up for EVERYTHING. If you’re missing practices, even if it’s for appointments, you shouldn’t be missing practice. If a coach says a practice is optional, that means it’s mandatory. It’s also optional to start on the team, nobody says you have to. You have to always be there and always be working. If you aren’t giving it your best in every single one of these areas, why would a coach start you? You’re not entitled to anything by just being there. You need to constantly work to improve and to be the best. And if you still aren’t gaining any play time/acceptance then maybe it’s time to transfer.

So sometimes, I completely understand too, that a school may not be the right fit. And that is completely okay. Transferring does not effect a college coaches view on you. I know we all saw the video of Nick Saban saying if a kid transfers schools he doesn’t think he can fight adversity… not all college coaches think that way. And I guarantee if the best QB in the country transferred schools twice but he’s the best by a mile… Saban is still going to want him. So don’t worry about that. If you are a work ethic guy and are showing up to everything but maybe sitting behind a kid who has offers and is a stud… then maybe it’s time to transfer. It doesn’t have to be to a smaller school, just to a better situation where you need to play. If you’re a guy who wants to play football bad at the next level, you need film. You can’t get film by sitting on the bench, so that’s when I think it’s the right time to transfer. But honestly if you’re a skill position guy or lineman and you’re not dead set on a position… switching positions is not a bad idea either. College coaches want the BEST ATHLETES. But If you’re a QB or dead set on a spot I don’t recommend doing that.  Just make sure you talk to a lot of people that you trust before making a decision on switching schools.

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