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Should You Use NCSA?

Below we will be discussing if you should use NCSA or any recruiting service for that matter. I hope this can help you out!

If you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ drills all organized into categories with the exact sets/reps to do, checkout the link below!

Okay so I still don’t get what NCSA does that you can’t do yourself? So you’re telling me, you pay them all this money and they will just help you get your film in front of other coaches? And even if you don’t have film… they will still take your money and get you “exposure”. Cmon man that has scam written all over it. If you have paid for NCSA, that’s fine I just want to tell you from a college coaches view what NCSA is referred to in that world. NCSA is commonly referred to as “street agents”. AKA guys who just want to take your money. If you speak with ANY college coach at the division 1 level, ask them their opinion on NCSA. You will be sadly disappointed, and seriously I mean any coach. I have had the privilege to meet a lot of people over the course of the last 5 years due to our brand expanding on social media and I always talk to college coaches that I meet about recruiting. College coaches are brutally honest when it comes to recruiting. And they have some NSFW words about NCSA and any other recruiting agency. Now, a lot of people hate on NCSA because they are pitching you a product or service for recruiting. So in a way, they are just jealous of NCSA because they are the biggest. I’m not selling you on anything recruiting related, this is just me keeping it real with you. I have to question a companies credibility when a player who has zero varsity film and might not be the most skilled gets signed up with a profile. They will have their sales rep call you and promise you all of these things like camp “invites” and exposure. But guys, you need to understand that if you suck… you still suck. NCSA should be telling you that you need to improve your speed, your size, get bigger, improve your field skills etc. And provide you with resources that can help you with that… but here’s the thing, that costs money and that probably won’t be profitable for them. So they lie to you instead and will help you with “exposure”. They will get your email address, mailing address and then suddenly out of nowhere you get camp invites from these schools you’ve never even spoken with. Why would they invite you? Have they seen your film? Most likely not because you don’t have any varsity film(I know some of you do, I have a point here) So how did they get your email? It’s because companies like this take your email and sell it to colleges who want to fill up their summer camps. Take it from a former coach, summer camps are how college coaches make money. Especially at lower division schools. So you got guys with no film and guys with varsity film getting the same camp invite? That’s odd, it’s because it’s a spam “invite” Thousands got the same email. If you really dig and research/talk to people in the college recruiting world, you will find out all of this info. I have zero reason to lie to you, but if you want to see for yourself- ask a real college coach at the D1 level. There is a reason why these power 5 recruits didn’t use NCSA. Colleges invest millions into their recruiting every year, especially with NIL. They do their own research, they don’t trust the credibility of a street agent company. 

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