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Small School, Should You Use NCSA?

Below we will be discussing if you should use NCSA or any other recruiting service if you attend a small school. I hope this can help you! 

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Okay, so this is a common question that a lot of people ask us and my answer is always that I don’t recommend using NCSA or any other recruiting platform regardless of the situation you are in. I have been doing this training thing for the last 5 years and I try to stay out of the recruiting world. I will give you guys advice but my job is to make you better, help your skills improve and provide you with the right guidance. So I have no dog in this fight. I’m not trying to tell you “don’t use NCSA,  sign up for my recruiting service”. I don’t have one because I don’t believe those are necessary. Now like I said, I’ve been doing this for about 5 years & over that time period I have met a lot of great people in the college football space. Players that I’ve trained, college coaches at the D1,D2,D3 level etc. ex players & the list goes on and on. And I always speak with them about recruiting to pick their brain. And one of my first questions is always about NCSA…. And literally every single person has had negative things to say. I have yet to meet 1 person who has said “wow NCSA has really helped our recruits” or “NCSA has helped us scout so many guys this year”. College coaches actually hate them. They call them “street agents”. AKA guys who are just in it for the money. It’s their business I get it, and I never want to knock someone’s business- but when it comes to lying to kids for money… that’s when I feel I have to say something. Think about it like this, colleges are some of the wealthiest institutions in the world. And the sport that brings in the most money every year…. Is usually football. So they have millions of dollars to spend on their OWN RECRUITING. Why would they play some Joe blow from xyz agency to do the recruiting for them. College coaches go on the road every single year to scout talent during winter workouts, spring workouts and they watch hours upon hours of film. Why would they take the word of some guy who is charging for a service. If there was no money involved and the guy was recommending people with zero financial gain- I think he would have more credibility. But that’s not exactly a profitable business. So guys, you have to understand that zero big time college programs use NCSA. Smaller schools will pay for NCSA’s email list so they can send you a million spam “camp invite” emails. And the recruiting services make you think that they did something. Guys, you could’ve got those on your own. All you had to do was reach out to the school & then sign up for the camp. Or just a simple google search for the camp you want to attend for a school you want to go to. The thing that really pisses me off about the recruiting services is that they will take ANYONE. Now guys, I’m here to tell you right now that college football will not be played be everyone. But the recruiting services won’t tell you that. They will just pitch you on why you need to sign up and what they can do for you. If they recommend a bad athlete to a college shouldn’t that be bad for their credibility? They don’t care anyways- they just want the fee. If you want to do NCSA, so be it but just please look into what you pay for. So many kids and parents simply do not know and they end up spending way too much money on things like this. 

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