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THE EASIEST Way To Improve Your Hands

THE EASIEST way to improve your hands is by catching 100 footballs everyday. If not everyday at least every time you touch the field. But if you really want improvement, that’s what you need to do. Period. Everyone always asks me how to improve their hands. It’s a common question and they think there is some trick to it, and yes you can do hand eye coordination drills all day, work your grip strength, but if you can’t catch a football none of that matters. So you should be catching 100 per day. Catch 20 in front of your face and chest, 20 turned to the left, 20 turned to the right, 20 over the shoulder to the left and 20 over the shoulder to the right. It will take you at max, 30 minutes to do this. And I know some people will say “I don’t have anyone to throw to me” well if that’s the case you’re gonna need to find someone. I find it hard to believe not 1 single person wouldn’t have 30 minutes to throw with you. You don’t want it bad enough if you can’t find that person. Get your catches in!

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