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The Right Way To Gain Weight

A lot of athletes need to put on weight in order to be successful at the next level or even the next year they compete in their high school sports. There is a right way to gain weight and a wrong way to gain weight. I’m gonna show you the proper way to put on some pounds.

A lot of people think if they just eat everything healthy or unhealthy they will gain weight. That may be true but it will be bad weight. I don’t know anybody who wants to get fat. They want to put on muscle. The way to do that is to eat properly. You have all heard that you should lift heavy and that’s how you will put on size. That is 100% correct but we aren’t going to focus on that today. The main focus is the diet. The diet makes the whole process easier. If you eat 500 extra calories a day and don’t burn them off, that sets you up for 1 pound per week of gained weight. Now what should you put in your body? You should be increasing the grams of carbs and protein you eat. Don’t eat bad carbs. Bread, I hate to tell you, is a bad carb. You should be eating grains, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. If you must eat bread, eat wheat bread. Now for protein, you should be eating AT LEAST 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you are 165 you should eat 165+ grams of protein a day. Also you should supplement protein shakes in between each meal as well.

If you can eat right the whole process will be much easier, if you don’t eat right, the process is going to be very difficult and you might never gain weight. Be disciplined. Discipline is what’s going to help you see gains that you didn’t think you could do. Just trust the process.

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