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Top 5 UPPER BODY Exercises For WRs

Finger Tip Push Ups

This is a great exercise that will not only improve the strength of your chest but also build grip strength which will help you with catching. Pull Ups

This is a great exercise for not only upper back strength but also grip strength

Pause Bench Press

The is variation of bench press is where you pause the bar at your chest for a 2 second count and then explode up. This develops the fast twitch muscle fibers in your upper body which will help with hand fighting and blocking skills If you guys would like 90 Days Of WR Gym Workouts you can do Monday-Sunday with rest days included & exact sets/reps, checkout the link below! Push Jerk

This is essentially shoulder press but it’s a more explosive shoulder press where you can give a little jump with your lower half. This will also help you develop the fast twitch muscle fibers in your upper body Plate Flips

This is a great exercise for grip strength! Flip a weighted plate end over end and focus on catching in your finger tips to build hand strength to help with catching.

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