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Top 5 WR Upper Body Lifts

These are 5 upper body WR gym workouts that you can add to your everyday routine.

1)- Push Jerk (this will help with your upper body explosion. It’s essentially regular push press with a barbell but you add an explosive element to it and you lock out over your head)

2)- 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch (this will help with your overall explosion in your upper body)

If you guys would like a gym workout plan for WRs with all of the lifts you need to be doing specifically as a WR (not training like a bodybuilder) checkout the link below! It is a 3 month schedule with daily workouts, sets & reps ⬇️⬇️

3)- Pull Ups (this helps with back strength but will also help with leg strength)

4)- Pause Bench Press (pausing with the weight on your chest for a 1-2 second count helps you develop explosion in your upper body)

5)- Farmers Carry (this is where you hold two dumbbells on the heavier side and just walk. This helps develop grip strength, forearm strength and core stability)