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Weight To Be A D1 WR

On the internet it says that the average weight on a D1 college WR is 190lbs… I think this is complete crap because there is absolutely no way to determine this. Mainly because A) people lie about their weight and B) They do not factor in body fat % to their statistics. Today we will be talking about what college coaches ACTUALLY Look for when it comes to size and weight below. I hope this can help. 

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Okay, so when it comes to the exact weight you are… college coaches honestly do not care. Obviously if you are a twig they want to see you put on some size but if they wanted the biggest guys weight wise on their team… they would recruit bodybuilders. They want the BEST football players. When you get to college they are going to put you through some of the hardest gym workouts you could ever imagine- but it will be specific to your own goals. If you need to add 20lbs but you run a 4.4 40yd dash… they are gonna put the 20lbs on you when you arrive on campus. Now I’m not saying neglect weight training and eating- because some of you really need to hit the gym… but don’t think because you might weigh 160lbs and the “average” is 190lbs that you need to gain all this weight… which can end up slowing you down. We will explain this below.

So when athletes try to gain all this weight in an unhealthy way… you can add a lot of body fat. College coaches want to see a guy with a low body fat %. So I would rather have you be 170lbs 7% body fat than 190lbs 25% body fat. You are more athletic at 170lbs and as a college we can get you that extra 20lbs of muscle with our weight programs. Like I said- you should always strive  to be as big as you can but athletically big. Not fat- do not neglect weight training but please don’t get discouraged if you’re not at the average weight… lift to get stronger and to increase performance.  

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