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What All WRs Should Work On

All WRs should work on their understanding of the game. Being able to know the “reason why“ certain things work is essential for your development as a player. A lot of guys can work all the drills but not many can tell you why they are doing them. Their answer is always just “footwork” or “route running”. You could make that argument for every footwork drill around. But if you know the actual reason and actual technique behind the things you work on, you will start to see big changes in your game. The reason I stress this is because you see guys who work their ass off but don’t know how to apply it in a game and then all the technique goes out the window. Sure you can call these drills that a lot of coaches teach “creative” but can you actually apply it? If you want to learn when to apply things in a game and improve your WR IQ, check out the link below to see our WR Dictionary with all of the terms WRs should know about their position ⬇️

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