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Today we will be discussing what a fake offer is and how it is even possible for a underclass man (8th-10th grader) to receive an “offer”. I hope this can give you some insight!

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So a fake offer is deemed a “non committable” offer. Essentially the recruit cannot commit to the school that offers them officially because the offer is a verbal offer. A verbal offer on anything is a non binding agreement. You can put a verbal offer on a house when you are buying one and it doesn’t mean anything. It needs to be official and needs to be on paper. So the term fake offer gets thrown around because that’s pretty much what it is. The college is “offering” a recruit a spot on their team IF they are really good in a few years. But that doesn’t mean anything. You often see 8th graders nowadays and even freshman/sophomores who don’t have varsity film with “offers”.  These are the non committable offers. I’m sure everyone knows someone who is 6’3, a freshman, has 6 offers, has committed to USC etc. And it is all crap. They might be really good, chances are they are probably very talented. BUT nothing is official until it is on paper and they give an official scholarship offer that you can commit on. You cannot receive an official offer until AFTER JUNE 15th AFTER YOUR SOPHOMORE YEAR. So right before your junior season. Any offer you see before that time period isn’t real. Now listen, college coaches are very smart people. They know talent when they see it. In some cases they have legitimate interest in a player because he looks the part and just needs to play the part when he gets to varsity ball. Other times it’s all for hype. Colleges will “offer” these kids just to bring attention to the program and sometimes even for money. I have heard horror stories about really rich parents, paying a linebacker coach or an offensive line assistant to offer their son WHO IS A QB! First of all the assistant coach doesn’t even have the jurisdiction to do that and second of all it is absolutely ridiculous that parents will do this just so their son looks cool on social media. College coaches know it’s verbal and they can give out 1 million verbal offers every year but only have a limited amount of ACTUAL offers to give. It’s all BS and it is all hype. Other college coaches know when you are faking and scamming the system. And you don’t want college coaches to put a label on you. 

I write this to inform you and to make sure you understand don’t believe everything you see on social media. A lot of people “fake it until they make it” but don’t actually make it. Stay in your lane, stay focused and keep grinding. The best and most talented football players play college football. 

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